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Our chickens are a real show stopper! We are an NPIP certified breeder or rare and heritage show quality chickens. Superior breeding bloodlines, out chickens are bred true to breeding standard and pasture raised.

Farm Store

Shop for organic, pasture raised protein, heirloom flowers and vegetables, local honey and curated farm products from some amazing local Farms and Artisans.

Feed & Supplies

Providing some of the freshest, NON GMO chicken feed in the industry! We understand the need to provide flocks with the best possible life and feeding NON GMO plays a big part in providing that life.

For the Farmhouse

A collection of guest artists and crafts fit for any farmhouse.

Fresh Flowers

Our 4th season growing flowers and the excitement of what is to come is palpable. First and foremost, the decision to grow flowers was based on the need to attract *pollinators. Since heirloom and rare chickens are the name of the game for poultry, why not heirloom flowers? So after hours and …

Housing & Equipment

We've curated a selection of the highest quality & stylish coops available.

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